Everything that falls is gravity including love, everything inert is molecular Movement including tuor,in vacuum everything in wave,everything moving is never stil,every rock is slowly wobbing as particls within is collide,every river moves faster than every rock , some particles move slowly and other fast,everything decaying as it grows, everything shifting,everything nebulous because in motin there is evolution,waves into light are fire, thought in every mind move neurons ,everything still, everything fixed ,everything standing and all that is exploding ,movements into every second make time evolve along a continum towards an uncertain future,one that may be emering but is never ever stuck: and than begins again like a song that repeats down near the river, you can hear you can spend and you know but that’s why you and she feeds you That come all and just when you that you have no the she gets you she lets the that you’ve alway and you want aad jesus when he walked and he spent from he said “all men until the sea shall but he himself long before forsaken he sand beneath you think fo he;s touched you now from salvation and the sun pours on our lady there and heroes there are childer they are leaning and they will lean while suzanne and you want she’s touched your with her mind .

Published On: July 24th, 2018 / Categories: Mythopoeia: poems and creative work /

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