2012 was the year that if anything, reminded me that any attempts I might make towards stability, certainty, permanence, or quick fixes will usually result in the opposite.

So this year I’m going to start with all that is opposite and see what happens.

 a nonvenomous Banded Water Snake [Nerodia fasciata fasciata]

a nonvenomous Banded Water Snake [Nerodia fasciata fasciata]

When the Chinese New Year is celebrated in February, 2013 will be the year of the water snake. Arising as they do from the depths to skirt along the surface, I’ve had several run-ins with water snakes and they always freak me out.

But since they are the metaphor for 2013, I will embrace  the spirit of going with the flow of opposites and hope that this year brings us all that water snakes have to offer: no lethal bites, beautiful colors, graceful meandering, and ecosystem (body and mind) nourishment.

Happy swimming!

Published On: December 31st, 2012 / Categories: Announcements /

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