Hello from the darkest day
of this planet’s Northern Hemisphere

This will be an extraordinary winter solstice as Saturn and Jupiter
travel in tandem
to align at the exact same degree
(the closest they’ve been since 1623!)
into one singular star. 
Make sure to check it out from wherever you are: (The Great Conjunction
If you are in the mind of winter, do something simple to ritually acknowledge this epic turn towards the sun. With the devastation and exhaustion of COVID still unresolved, it feels important to honor the rich symbolism that eons of humans have ritualistically performed for the Winter Solstice; rituals to help us all move through the depths of a deadly winter.

Winter Solstice 2020 Ritual: 
walk into the light
 Just before the sun rises tomorrow (Dec 21) take a walk. Google “sun rise time” to capture the moment. Grab a candle, a lantern, or a water bottle stuffed with LED lights and walk through your town, city, village, or landscape. Let a few people know you are doing this, and ask them to join you (6 feet apart is easy on a winter solstice walk!) Just be with the light as it shifts into dawn, noticing how it feels in your body to be in sync with this cosmic change in the light. 

 The light of this morning symbolizes the earth’s vertical turn at the precise moment that the planet is divided, half in light and half in dark; the solstice marks the precise second that the earth turns sunward. 

(In the East Coast, this will happen at 5:02am. Of course, anytime you want to take this walk to celebrate the solstice is terrific!)

Take a breath as you imagine this light moving through your entire body, from the tip of your head to the tip of your toes. 

Smile as you think about people you love. 

Imagine these people encircled by this light. 

Breathe again.

Imagine yourself encircled by this light.

Breathe again. 

If you’re ready to let something go so that you can move forward with your life, imagine it dissipating into the light. 

Breathe again. 

Even if the spring is only symbolic, begin to pay more attention to the longer moments of daylight. Know that there is a warm flame in your mind that will help you to see as you make your way through hard times.

When you get home, light a candle or ignite your xmas lights; keep them lit all day long and into the night. 
Warm wishes for this season! 


PS – My sincere apologies for the deluge of SPAM MESSAGES that flowed through my website last month! I did upgrade my site, and that was a huge error. I hope you’ll check out my new site: trancepoetics.com. I’m going to be doing lots of online courses next Spring, and it would be great to see you. Thanks again for subscribing.

Note: if you’re receiving two emails from me, write and let me know and I’ll fix it!

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