Eros A Killing: A masque in ten genres

By Kristin Prevallet

Eros A Killing: A masque in ten genres began in the summer of 2014 as a simple thought experiment: could I write an erotic romance novella, put it on Kindle, and make a little money? But I could not contain the energy sparked by the writing of the novella and soon the entire project had blown out of proportion, resulting in a corps exquisite that unfolded into four solo performances, ten collages, three art objects, and a conceptual art project that transgressed the boundaries between fiction and my “real” life. Eros A Killing is a manuscript organized around three parts: The Performance, The Love Affair, and The Purge. Each revolves around the gradual unfolding of a story that is as much about the energies that drive narrative into form as it is about two people who, in the winter of 2015, find a temporary refuge in their opposing extremes as democracy splinters into warring factions. The novella is embedded into the manuscript as the heart of an exquisite corpse around which the visual and conceptual forms fold. The following performance documentation acts as a tangential embodiment of the text.

The False Woman Bares Her Chakras
Performance for the DoorsUnlimited Symposium in honor of Bethany Ides and Ari Ferdman

[Stamford, NY / 7/1/18]

For He Whose Pornography Kills The False Woman

Performance for the Craft Talk series curated by Jen Marie and Travis Macdonald [Vox Popoli Gallery

[Philadelphia, PA 6/24/16]