earth dog

2018 is the year of the Earth Dog.

Good luck!

Don’t go too far under.

But if you do, remember.

The dog always knows the way out.

Dear kindred spirits:

I am of the mood to let it all go, and yet I know that this is easier said than done. In Chinese astrology, 2017 was, quite aptly, the year of the rooster (luck! romance! prosperity! Except Ug…those roosters. Their bravado, supremacy, and hierarchy do not rule the zodiac with benevolence).

It was a difficult year for me, and a difficult year for many of you that I know.

It was year of upheaval in which a politics of cruelty unmasked many of the hypocrisies and unveiled many of the possibilities within the politics of reason (formally known as “democracy.”)

It was a year of personal reckoning in which rejections mounted and I lost the dailyness of a close friend and with it the love and vibrancy that he brought to my life. (He’s not dead, just moved to Texas!)

And, it was a year of reckoning with the shifting ground of hope. When hope is alive in our lives, everything seems possible. But what does this even mean? After all, the shift in almost every sphere has left many people without a clear vision of the future.

Culturally we think about “hope” as a vision constructed in an energetic moment of possibility that then, poof! Our vision comes into the world as if by some fluke of magic.

Yet, as Carla Harryman, in her deeply theoretical and yet personal analysis of the philosopher Ernst Bloch writes, “Realized change is never an end in itself.”

This is so true. Realized change may begin as an energetic burst of possibility, but what synergistic atomic particles need to come into alignment in order to make that thought manifest in reality?

Let’s just say chaos is a simpler theory than hope.

And it is possible to find hope, even there.

These are my goals for 2018:

-roll with the punches but never let them keep me, or anyone I come into contact with, down
-surf the pain because it’s not mine, or yours: it’s a cultural sickness
-build community so that suffering is always collective, always shared
-make or support art and music whenever vapid noise rules supreme

Join me!

I’m leading a new year’s trance writing retreat, starting a healing circle (remote and live), and continuing to invite people to my home in Westchester, NY for fire ceremonies at the equinox and solstice (contact me for more info).

If you’re on this same wavelength, please keep in touch!

Sending love, light, and….a new definition of hope: stability within chaos.



Published On: December 30th, 2017 / Categories: Hypnopoeia: somatic practices /

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