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You’re on the path to a fruition:

You want to complete a manuscript or a project. Maybe you have a deadline from a publisher; maybe you have a deadline for yourself.

But you’re encountering all sort of obstacles— some of them are situational (economic, political, stuff happening in your emotional/physical life) and some of them are more unconscious, like self-sabotage, perfectionism, or procrastination.

But a big part of you has committed to this project, and it feels important (at the soul-level) that you see it through.

I offer you developmental SUPPORT (6-12 month coaching)

This is not an editing arrangement – rather, I read your work and give you feedback on energy, structure, and say-back. As it evolves, I am with you.

In other words, as your manuscript doula, I hold the energetic space for you to bend and bow to the wild fluctuations happening in the larger field so that you can focus and move into your work with resilience and resolve.

Your manuscript needs you to trust it!

You’ve got a vision, and there’s a part of you that’s really excited to see it come into form. But there’s another part of you that’s distracted, gravitating towards everything else you need to do that’s not your manuscript.

Maybe you’ve tried all sorts of time management techniques; or, you’ve tried sitting down with sheer willpower only to find yourself frustrated that you just can’t get into the right flow.

Struggle, discomfort, nourishment, trust, and resilience are a part of any emergence into form. It’s not an easy process, and the precious gem rarely turns out exactly the way you thought it would.

External circumstances often cannot be controlled, especially when the political and social systems are being upturned as we speak. But no matter where you are on the journey, if this is what you need to be doing, now is a really good time to find momentum and motivation.

It’s so important to have support when you’re going through this process – first and foremost, you need someone to reassure you that you’re on the right track, that this obstacle won’t last forever, and that there is time even in the midst of everything else to find the time to write.

What I bring:

Not only am I the author of five books as well as numerous articles published in literary journals and peer-reviewed publications, but I’m also trained as a life coach and hypnotherapist, and I’ve been working with private clients for over ten years. Aside from that, as a published author I teach workshops, seminars, and travel around as a visiting writer for numerous writing programs and conferences.

This means that I’ve got a lot of experience with the writing process. So, if blocks step into your flow, you can use our sessions to work through them. We can work with techniques from life coaching and hypnotherapy to help you to de-stress and make subtle changes that will enable you to clear the space for your creative work.

I bring ALL of this knowledge to you in my manuscript doula package; let’s work

to craft a program that is designed especially for you.

I highly recommend Kay Prevallet’s manuscript doula services. Kay provided clarity and order that allowed my poems to unfold in a sequence that I hadn’t considered before. There are not many people who I trust to edit a manuscript in progress, that takes an ally with patience and gentleness to help a poet at this vulnerable stage, especially  in the field of  experimental poetry, but you can trust Kristin, an astute editor and brilliant poet, to have the best interests of your work in mind.

Brenda Coultas, Author of The Writing of an Hour, forthcoming from Wesleyan University press in 2022