Saturday January 8
12pm-6pm EST

Download your hopes, ideas, obligations, and dreams into the River of Time as it flows into 2022!

Join me for this unique, experiential retreat designed to help you focus your intentions for 2022 based on where you are now, what your obstacles are, and what you want to happen differently in the non-determined future.

I will lead you through a time sculpting workshop that will help you to visualize a path through the 2022 Calendar Year; I will also lead you through practices from energy medicine to help you gain perspective on any unconscious blocks or areas of unproductive resistance.

This deep dive, experiential workshop will help you to think about your “New Year’s Resolutions” differently.

We won’t be on Zoom all day, don’t worry! You’ll have plenty of time to focus on getting your own process going.

PAY IN FULL BEFORE DEC 15 and I will send you a limited edition, time-flow workbook!

You’ve heard what the time gurus say…

When you feel overwhelmed by everything you want to do in your life but just don’t seem to have the time,

When you feel stressed and depressed because you’re feeling stuck…

When the days seem to melt into each other,

When your workload has doubled,

Stop managing time; start flowing with it.

What does this even mean?

Well, I’ve struggled with time all my life and decided to finally give into time management as a metaphysical practice–which makes sense since time doesn’t actually even exist.

If you’re interested in this approach, I hope you’ll join me!

Everyone who comes to the live workshop will receive an invitation to the homestudy course, River of Time, which you can access anywhere, and anytime you need a refresher. The course offers writing prompts, mini-lectures on time, and worksheets to help you think about time differently.

Stop managing time, start flowing with it: The New Year’s Retreat 2022!
Thursday December 30, 12pm-4pm (Online)

There are so many important and justified reasons why you might not be able to focus on what it is that you need/want to be working on: other people in your life have needs that are so much bigger than yours; your living space needs tending to, or needs to change; a relationship is falling apart and you’re feeling stuck; social/political catastrophes are overwhelming you.

Or, maybe it’s because the equation of time with productivity is ingrained in your body and mind, and it’s stressing you out so much that you can’t do anything.

But you’ve also got to get your own work done. Maybe you have a deadline for a book you’ve been working on, a dissertation you’re writing, or an application you really need to pay attention to. How are you supposed to do this when you have a full time job, or family obligations?

The word “procrastination” is a horrible word. It’s a word that just uttering it to yourself can pull you down. When this word takes power over you, it’s “over” whelming. This is a dangerous slippery slope that often leads to deep feelings of inadequacy, failure, fear, and depression.

There are three things I know that work together to break out of this cycle: energy, movement and structure. But these are not easy to step into when you’re in the Capitalist mindset of “productivity”, “fear of failure,” and reprimanding yourself for your lack of “personal responsibility.”

That’s what this retreat is all about: a compassionate (but held) structure (6 hours) and deep energetic movement throughout that time.


If you’re feeling like you could use an energetic push to get you in the swirl of what you want to have happen in 2022…

if you’re anxious about the future but that anxiety isn’t helping you to do what you want to do…

if you’re working on a project but are encountering blocks…

this very unique retreat will give you a chance to work in Space&Time in a brand new way.

About the price:

If you were to go to a yoga retreat or meditation center, a retreat of this quality would cost you hundreds of dollars —I’m asking for $120, which is the minimum amount that best supports me and my work. However, if you really need this retreat and are in a state of financial stress, are having trouble paying rent or putting food on the table, know that I am sincere when I say: offer me the minimal amount (or something in between), from the heart.

Use the coupon code 2022 and receive a 25% discount.

Or, you can Venmo any amount to me at KristinPrevallet, or PayPal to

Please believe me when I say that no one will be excluded, everyone is welcome.