Simply powerful. Like the placebo effect Prevallet explores in one of her many wise chapters on how to overcome the negative habits that often rule our lives, this book is both deceptively simple and surprisingly effective. As I read it, I found myself nodding and thinking, “Yes, yes, that makes sense,” without feeling I was reading something radically new. But then, days later, I found myself inadvertently putting her suggestions into practice, into action, and immediately felt my life was shifting in the right direction. Prevallet’s sneaky little sugar pill of a book was working its magic. Although I think Prevallet might say that I was working my own magic since a lot of what she suggests has to do with how we can make small but significant changes in the way we think about our lives–changes in perception that can dramatically improve our ability to be content, peaceful, and fulfilled.

Saying that Prevallet’s book is like the sugar pill of the placebo is not to say that it sugar coats anything. It doesn’t. She reminds us that we will, of course, continue to have hard times and even to suffer, but also that we don’t need to keep on suffering. She tells us that we can be resourceful when things can get tough and reminds us of the tools we, in fact, already have available to us.

Along with all the useful strategies, Prevallet also offers us something just as wonderful: each chapter includes some beautiful and amazing poetry that helps us think about the issues at hand in a different way, on another plane. I loved these moments of embedded meditation. They seemed to let the other information just sink in. As I write this, in the back of my mind, I’m remembering her passages on the power of joyful memories and I know I will return to this thoughtful and helpful book again and again.