Paraphrasing what she puts forth, our moods are created by both your thoughts and stimuli in the world around us. Prevallet’s exercises in this book helps harness once unmanageable thoughts and offers multiple solutions to managing your moods.

I loved this because of the exercises the book comes with. Intellectual, abstract rationalizations from reading other self-help books are not enough. Her techniques, ALONG WITH an academic analysis of mental disequilibrium, make for an easy, effective start in treating things like anxiety, depression, addiction, goal-setting, past trauma, and most types of emotional blockages or triggers.

I can’t recommend this e-book enough. It’s a quick, easy read, and you start feeling a certain lightness within the first few pages. When you’re done you feel steered in the right direction.

As a Physician Assistant with a background in Clinical Psychology, I was both engaged and inspired while reading the work of a poet-hypnotherapist with the skill and insight of Kristin Prevallet. She speaks of the importance of having “an empathetic understanding of physical and emotional pain”, of coming to know the anatomical and causal relationship they have to one another. Embracing what she calls our “latent capacity” to understand the interconnectedness between these repositories of pain potentiates relief. She teaches the reader how our emotional response to physical pain can either exacerbate or soften it. She invites the reader to be “a listener unto yourself” so that our own immune systems can bring the healing we then become capable of. She suggests strategies, techniques, practices that allow us to move into a new, unfettered space. It’s a book that will be a frequent companion of mind, heart and soul. I heartily recommend it.