I loved reading this book. It spoke to my curiosity about my mind and how it creates the feeling body. From the beginning I was asking myself: how does my thinking affect me? What is powerful about the way I see the world? And how can I use the person I already am to put an end to physical and psychological pain? This book gave me tools to reflect my humanity back to me. What I think of right now, and this isn’t a trite metaphor (because it’s mine, and therefore useful) is the film “The Wizard of Oz.” Dorothy has those ruby slippers on her feet for the entire movie but doesn’t know how to use them. It isn’t until the end that she understands she may go home — simply by voicing her wish (and clicking those shoes together.) Intentions are powerful when translated into images. Where are the rainbows? Where are the ribbons of rain? This book helps one to communicate with oneself – and encourages a personal path towards recognition (which is truly awesome!).