“Time is of the essence.”

Of course, you’ve heard this phrase spoken with authority. It means hurry up. Get it done. Focus only on what is immediately important.

I don’t know about you, but I’m having trouble focusing. And yet, time really does feel like it is “of the essence.”

Let’s think about TIME and ESSENCE for a second.

First, COVID threw us into isolation—it was like getting ejected from a spaceship and dumped into a room. Time stopped.

Then, the streets erupted into the anger and frustration seething underneath the facade of this capitalist system that is sustained by racism.

And hurricane season is on the horizon. And climate change is still revealing its effects.

Time is uncertain. How much time is left?

But here’s the thing.

Because of the convergence of all these events in this time, it’s more important than ever to know that whatever you need to do in this lifetime still needs to be done. Maybe it’s writing a novel. Maybe it’s starting a business or following through on an idea. Cutting an album. Growing a garden. Making art. Maybe it’s finding a plot of land where you can live in community with other people who are equally burnt out but energetically aligned.

There’s one thing I know for sure: Numbness, depression, overwhelm, and procrastination are signs that the SYSTEM—the one that keeps rich people VERY rich and the rest of us struggling to survive—has gotten under your skin. Into your body.

Keeping up with everything you’re supposed to do to survive causes incredible stress. And on top of it all, you’re blamed for your symptoms: does that make any sense?

They create the disease; and then they sell you the cure.


For the past ten years, I have been in the business of helping people cope within the dominant system—I helped people to lose weight, stop smoking, become more confident: in other words, to conform to the very system that was making them feel inadequate, small, poor, and stressed out.

Now, I realize that the work I do needs to go much, much deeper.

Now, I realize that my work is to disembody the toxic effects capitalism & white supremacy in all its forms from my mindbody system, and to help others not just cope with the system, but to transcend it. #destroytheladder #disembodytoxiccapitalism

My work is to join others who are entering into the space of radical imagination about what a truly integrated, equal, and humanly possible future is going to look like.


And so yes—TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE. But not because your boss tells you you need to get things done. Not because some underlying anxiety tells you there is a deadline that you must meet.

The etymology of essence is “to be.” Essence is what makes you what you are. It is the basic element of anything, and any person that exists…including you. It is a divine quality—an invisible but sensed understanding.

Isn’t it time that you re-frame your relationship to time away from PRODUCTIVITY and MONEY and towards what is most essential in you?

Sure. But HOW? I need money to survive.

Of course! You don’t have to quit your job, or stop looking for work. But if you’re overwhelmed, tired, sick and anxious, the simplest place to start is by rewiring your relationship to time.

PRACTICE DOING THE WORK YOU WANT TO BE DOING without guilt that you are wasting time. Without the fear of failure.

Spend a day writing poems. Making music. Playing with your children. Walking in the woods. Planting for your community.

With no guilt, and no feeling like you “should” be doing something else.

This is HARD to do for most of us. It’s hard to “find the time.”

That is why I’m doing a monthly series of 24-hour retreats. Open to everyone, and pay-from-the-heart.

Curious about how that might work?

The next one is this Friday – Saturday, July 24-25. I will be doing them every month.

Here’s the link with more info!


CREATE YOUR OWN TIME: 24-hour Retreat.

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