Happy New Year…I hope! 

Normally on New Year’s Day I’d be at the Poetry Project at St Mark’s Church in NYC for the annual marathon, listening to poets performing their art to a packed sanctuary. This year, the event is online and it’s 24 hours, starting tonight (New Year’s Eve) at 11pm. Please check it out!


The curator Laura Henriksen asked me to contribute a 30 minute guided visualization – and I used this opportunity to try something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time: juxtapose opposing frequencies.

The instruments that are normally used for guided visualizations are flutes, singing bowls, keyboard tones, etc. Of course, I love composing to these traditional vibes.

But a couple years ago I listened to Thurston Moores’ incredible album, Spirit Counsel. He describes it as “songs that represent a period of reflection on spiritual matters, collective musical friendships, and a time and space universally, without words or languages to distract from meditation.

Listening to it I thought: could words intersect with this piece in a way that would not distract, but would still lead to a meditative state? Because it seems to me that this thin veil between 2020 and 2021 is fraught with contrasting energies of hope and ambivalence (rhythm and chaos)– so why not bring together seemingly opposing frequencies to try and capture the energy of this moment in space and time?

With Thurston’s permission, I composed this 30 minute guided visualization to accompany “8 Spring Street” (an homage to Glenn Branca).

It will join the marathon at 6am tomorrow morning, and I hope you’ll sign up to listen to it, along with 250 other amazing performers!

But if you’re not up at 6am on New Year’s Day, check out the video here (I’ll keep it up until Jan 3):


Warm greetings for this New Years’ Day,


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