fire ritualCelebrating the winter solstice with a fire ritual (no matter if by candlelight or bonfire) is a good way to honor the cycles of seasons as symbols of your own cyclical life.

One way to ritualize the solstice is to acknowledge yourself within the cycles of space and time by locating yourself within the specifics of your location. What is to the North of you, and what is to the South? Where is the nearest body of water, or the nearest mountain? Whether you live in the desert or in the Northeast, winter is symbolic of the land preparing for its Spring re-emergence.Preparing, in other words, for the amazement that Spring brings. 

This metaphor of covering/uncovering, freezing/thawing, hidden/emerging has applications in our spiritual/emotional/physical lives as well. You can think about what in you has been buried that you might release into the symbolic and transformative field of fire. Fire that transforms wood into coals and smoke also transforms your physical/psychic/emotional field.

So participate in it by conjuring up something you’re ready to manifest, to realize, to feel, to express, to be done with, to move on from, to metamorphosize…perhaps not now when it is winter, but as you symbolically articulate your intentions now, when Spring comes, comes you’ll be ready to be amazed…

Write/draw a symbol of what in you is buried that you’re either ready to manifest in the world. This is private and does not need to be shared except with the fire as it carries your intentions via smoke, skyward…

Examples of buried energies: healing, creativity, love, hope, beauty, joy, belief in your capacities, belief in the possibility for change.
Practical effects: letting go of old resentments, letting go of control over other people, releasing tightness around money, re-opening of your physical/sexual body, new perspectives on work/family/relationships, creative outpourings.

Or, you can simply think of something that you’re ready to get rid of from 2013, so that 2014 begins with a fresh start.

Or, you can spend some time reading Bernadette Mayer’s poem Midwinter Day out-loud.  Afterwards, dance!

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