On Permaculture and Hospitality:

A Revolution in Hospitality by Michael Berger • literary west


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This retreat was freeing and empowering. I’m amazed at how much happened in terms of my often-stuck poetry practice. In such a brief, rich, intense space in time. I am hugely grateful for the safety of the workshop and for Kristin’s deep wisdom, permission, generosity, and guidance. I feel like an enormous shift in my poetry practice has taken place, and I am so excited to go home and keep following the energy Kristin has created.

Kasey Jueds, Author of Keeper

Kristin’s retreat was unlike anything I have experienced before both inside and outside my M.F.A. Her depth of knowledge about poetry and trance techniques have resulted in her own unique mind, heart, and soul-opening tools for her students. Not only did I write different and exciting new poems, I was given tools for personal and creative transformation.

Carla Drysdale, Poet, author of All Born Perfect