The next Threshold Salon will begin in May. Contact me for details!

8-weekly sessions (Mondays, 7-9pm EST). Includes the River of Time 2022, the Trance Poetics Zine, membership in the Trance Poetics community for one year, and a private, 30 minute discovery session with me before the salon begins.  

Are you needing to work through the emotional, energetic, and space/time blocks that are holding you back from your work?

The winter trance coaching seminar and feedback salon has two parts:

* A live coaching call with me. Every Sunday for 8 weeks, we will gather together virtually to talk about your work, your process, your blocks, and your obstacles. The calls are about activating and inspiring your process as you come into conversation and relation with a community of other language and art makers. This isn’t a formal workshop as much as it is a small group coaching session in which you are free to talk about what is holding you back and receive guidance from me; there will also be time devoted to feedback on your creative work from the group. Think group therapy, but always with emphasis on how your creative project can be best nourished and supported in spite of your life’s obstacles.

* You will also receive a self-paced asynchronous series of videos that will guide you through six sacred thresholds and their corresponding seed syllables: Roots, Eros, Hinge, Grief, Listen, and Prophesy. Each threshold is accompanied by a guided visualization in which I teach you mental movements from hypnosis and energy psychology. In addition, each threshold is accompanied by a corresponding seed syllable, which will allow you to anchor your trance somatic experience and use it to move thoughts in your daily life.

* An experienced mentor and guide: I’ve been leading these Threshold groups for over three years and have received such warm feedback from people who have joined me! You will meet new people, share your own work and thoughts, and learn life-saving mental movements from my deep knowledge of hypnosis that you can apply to both your creative practice, and to your life. We’re here to explore, write, and transform together. This class will be capped at eight in order that it stays intimate, supportive, generative, generous, and safe.


Includes 8-weekly salons (1.5 hours), a 30 minute grounding phone call with me, plus access to supplemental guided teachings and the River of Time salon. The supplemental guided teachings will be available to you for as long as I maintain this site.

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